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We’ll take all the air high 5’s we can after another challenging month, but the spirit of giving was alive and well in December for the “Nacho Cheeseburger” Burger of the Month.  This time we teamed up with Guest Chef Sheena Johnson of the Bra Lounge to celebrate her love of tacos and Mexican food!

December BOTM Guest Chef Sheena Johnson and the “Nacho Cheeseburger”. It included a beef patty, queso spread, house made guacamole and pico de gallo topped with fried tortilla chips on a brioche bun! $2 from every burger sold is going directly to Sheena’s charity of choice Vantage Community Services.

Sheena lost her mother at a young age and having lived in a community with limited resources to help her and her family through that grief, she wanted to help support programs and other families faced with loss.  For over 30 years, Vantage Community Services has provided a continuum of services designed to meet the needs of their Central Alberta community.  They are guided by the principles of developing capacity with an emphasis on effective coping skills, making meaning of one’s experiences and an ability to form healthy relationships. Vantage provides a number of services including focused counselling and group therapy which children seeking help with their grieving can utilize.

BOOM!  Thanks to your support of our beloved Burger of the Month Program today Sheena helped us hand over $768 to Vantage Community Services.  Thanks to the amazing support we see from our guests for our Burger of the Month program month after month, we have had the opportunity to give back over $70,000 to local charities over the past 47 months!  THANK-YOU!

January’s Burger of the Month is “The Meatsweats” Burger, created in collaboration with Cilantro and Chive Chef Mike Doppler.  It includes a Grilled sirloin beef patty piled high with shaved pastrami, wine sauerkraut, and Swiss cheese, on a toasted pretzel roll with Russian dressing!  $2 from every Burger sold is going directly towards Underdog Rescues.

For more information contact:


Morgan Hanson

Marketing Coordinator

Vantage Community Services


Sheena Johnson

Dec BOTM Guest Chef



Kim Kay

Community Relations

Cilantro and Chive




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