A baked potato bun?!  HECK YEAH!  So much creativity, so much fun, so many great people month after month are a part of our Burger of the Month program including Lacombe Guest Chef for March, Al Scholing.

We’ve proudly sourced our potatoes from Scholing’s Produce in Lacombe from day one, and it was time to elevate those tasty spuds and the people behind them!  Al’s burger the “Loaded Potato Skin Burger”, included an Alberta beef patty, two Scholing’s baked potato “buns”, with shredded cheddar, pepper bacon, green onion, sour cream, iceberg lettuce, beefsteak tomatoes, sliced onion and pickles.  $2 from every burger sold is going directly to Al’s charity of choice the Team Jigger Foundation.

For Al, supporting his friend Jason Lunn (Jigger) was an easy choice.  Back in the winter of 2011 Al was a member of the Lacombe Fire Department and was called to respond to a motor vehicle accident just outside of Lacombe.  Jason Lunn was airlifted from that accident scene, suffering two vertebral fractures, along with a spinal cord injury.  It’s a day that changed Jason and Al’s lives forever.  “Jigger is an active member of our community and has always been an inspiration to me.  I’m honoured to have an opportunity to support Team Jigger and his dream to help others who are facing challenges he has endured and continues to face”.

From the day he was discharged from the Glenrose Rehabilitation Center, Jason has been committed to finding new ways for rehabilitation in Central Alberta, and breaking down barriers for mobility, function, and daily activities in his own life to help others do the same.  The Team Jigger Foundation is dedicated to enriching the lives of people who have suffered spinal cord injuries or associated disorders by providing the equipment, information, and resources for these individuals to move better, live healthier and work easier. Currently donations will be used for purchasing specialized rehabilitation equipment or to help fund rehab and therapy for individuals who may require extra help.

Thanks to your support of our beloved Burger of the Month Program Al helped us hand over $988 to the Team Jigger Foundation today (Tuesday, April 6th).  Thanks to the amazing support we see from our guests for our Burger of the Month program month after month, we have had the opportunity to give back over $75,000 to local charities over the past 50 months!  THANK-YOU!

The April Burger of the Month in Lacombe is the “SOUTHERN COMFORT” created in collaboration with Guest Chef Merry Kuchle of Merry’s Mercantile in Bentley.  It includes a smoke marinated chicken breast, Alabama white sauce, Birmingham slaw, zesty pimento cheese (queso) on a toasted potato roll skewered with pepperoncini! $2 from every Lacombe April Burger of the month sold will go directly to Merry’s charity of choice the Central Alberta Women’s Emergency Shelter.

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