BEHOLD 💥 our Lacombe September Burger of the Month!

Created in collaboration with local Guest Chef Craig Fullarton!
Alberta Smash Burger patty, Boneless Short Rib, Jalapeno Jack Cheese, Queso Cheese Sauce, Deep Fried Cheeto breaded Jalapenos, Shaved Onion, Mixed Peppers, Beefsteak Tomatoes, Mixed Greens, on a Cheeto dusted Brioche Bun!

$2 from every Burger of the Month will go directly towards Craig’s charity of choice – Aspire Special Needs Resource Centre ❤️

Craig is the Vice Principal at JS McCormick School in Lacombe, and here’s his words about raising money for Aspire :
“Children are our greatest and most valuable resource and every child is a special, unique individual that deserves the chance to be successful. Aspire Special Needs Resource Centre is a charitable organization providing hope to children with special needs, the families who love them and the communities that care for them. Working collectively with families, schools and educators, and community agencies, Aspire provides a platform for children to receive a quality education that meets their specific needs, achieve individual growth and success, and to reach their full potential.

As a local educator who has worked closely with Aspire and has observed first hand the services they provide, the level of energy, passion, optimism, hope, and compassion they demonstrate in their work is evident. There is nothing quite like the smile of a child as they learn and realize they have achieved success and Aspire’s commitment to making this happen for all children is incredible.

Supporting this amazing organization will make a direct impact in the lives of children and their families as they strive to reach their next developmental milestones and overcome barriers to growth, learning, and every day challenges that others may take for granted.”
Available in our LACOMBE location for the month of September! 🙌