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What is weird?

We get a wide range of responses to our restaurant concept.

We have guests who make the commute from Edmonton, Sylvan Lake & Red Deer almost religiously. Then on the other hand we have those who dislike us. Whether, they don’t like the concept, the decor or the menu, I understand there maybe a variety of reasons. We’re not everyone’s cup of tea and I’m alright with that.

The other day I read the following review posted to our Facebook page…Screenshot online review w alterations

It took some time and a couple of rereads for the comment to sink in and for me to absorb it.

“Weird food”?

What is “weird food”?

What is ‘weird’?

Is my understanding of ‘weird’ different from others idea of what ‘weird’ is?

While we have some staples on our menu; Alberta Beef Burger, New York Steak Sandwich, Chicken Wings, Chicken Strips… most of which you’d find on any menu in central Alberta. So I wouldn’t consider those items weird.

However, we also have some unique menu items (I wouldn’t call them weird). We have Lamb, Elk, Bison & Trout, (all locally sourced) in a variety of menu items. I guess that might be considered weird… We even have Duck on our menu.

While some may think that Elk, Bison, Trout & Duck are ‘weird’, they are all indigenous to this land we call home.

I wouldn’t say our food is ‘weird’, but what might be natural to me, may be considered ‘weird’ to someone else.

Well, to this guest, we have weird food and I am alright with that. I like our menu. I like our restaurant. I like our theme. I like our staff. I like our local suppliers, who supply us with quality products that come from our back yard and their hard work.

I guess I like ‘weird’…