cilantro + chive Community Causes

cilantro + chive Community Causes


In November of 2014 cilantro + chive will initiate our own Community Causes Campaign.

Every month we will showcase a new and worthy Community Cause.

$.50 from every burger sale will go towards the selected cause for the entirety of the month.

We want to hear from you if your group or organization is looking for assistance.

This is open to:

Non-profit organizations & groups with a project or funding goal that encourages community growth.  Preference will be given to fundraising efforts to benefit children and youth in our community, and groups and organizations with causes that will benefit the greater community.

Together let’s start the process:

Send an email to with a subject line of Community Causes.

Provide a description of the group/organization/charity you are with

Specific details on the project/initiative you are fundraising for

Goals and timelines for your fundraiser

Why we should choose your cause

Your contact information


There will be an opportunity for in restaurant advertising to promote your cause, be prepared to provide print materials/logos etc. that can be used to educate our guests about your cause.


Cilantro and Chive will honour the $.50 burger sale contribution up to a monthly maximum of $500.




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