There are two types of people

Last Friday we had a guest in the restaurant with her kids and had a less than favorable time. They wanted “nothing” done about it and every option given by our staff was quickly turned down . Even though there wasn’t anything we could do or that they wanted done, we still discounted their entire bill. 15 minutes after they left we received a negative review to our facebook page expressing their displeasure. They even signed up for TripAdvisor that evening to give us a negative review.

Today we had a guest in who had ordered a steak sandwich. The steak was overdone and was brought to our attention. Like the situation Friday, we gave a discount without being asked to do so. The difference today, was that this guest was upset that we gave her a discount as it was ‘unnecessary’. I assured her that it was our error and our way of attempting to make it right. Instead of taking the discount, she gave us the money back (and then some) to donate to our Community Causes Campaign.

While we try and please everyone who comes through our doors, we simply aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Today I was touched by one guests understanding and unnecessary generosity. I’ll say it again, we truly have the best guests around!


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