Introducing our new Chef – Jarett Talbot

f you know the story of Cilantro and Chive, you know that we began as a dream of bringing engaging, knowledgeable, and genuine service with fresh ingredients, passionately inspired dishes, and a love to do things a little bit differently to give guests an experience that is unique.

The owners, Rieley and Kim Kay – continue to work extremely hard in managing an ever-growing business, and their own family.  It’s an extreme honor when someone hands you the keys to their business, they’re proverbial baby, and ask you to take care of it for them.  While still keeping the core values of what Cilantro and Chive has always stood for.

That is why we are excited to welcome to all of you our new Chef Jarett Talbot:

Chef Jarett Talbot, since his start in the Earl’s organization as a teenager, it’s been a sinuous and steely journey for this accomplished Chef. Talbot has invested 15 years of blood, sweat and burns leading kitchens for some of the nation’s top restaurant organizations. The Concorde Group, Points West Hospitality, The Glowbal Group, Kanke Seafood Restaurants and the Metropolitan Hotels are just a few of the organizations he has spent time with sharpening both his culinary and cultural acumen. After stretches in Toronto, Vancouver and Whistler, Chef Talbot has returned to his hometown and gastronomic roots to explore his love of regionally inspired cuisine.

A sincere and borderline obsessive foodie, Chef Talbot’s travels and experiences have helped him to cultivate a personal style that has Pan-Asian influences but a healthy respect for classical culinary traditions. He describes his cooking approach as eclectically simple. “I am inspired by so many different techniques but emphasizing fresh, uncomplicated and pure flavors are my goals.” Chef Talbot’s cuisine incorporates Slow Food and Locavore principles then accessorizes them with passion and innovation. Unique pairings, fusions of styles and distinct accents elevate familiar dishes into extraordinary experiences. Although he prides himself on his pioneering cooking approach, he adamantly states his creations are always humble and familiar as mom’s home cooking.

As a top toque, Chef Talbot is dedicated to empowering a core of chefs that are pledged, sincere and that like to play with their food – to producing savory and exuberant menu offerings.

To add more to Chef Talbot’s plate, we also asked him to design our June Burger of the month – which brought forward “The Codfather”.  This delicious dish has caused rave reviews over the month of June, exceeding our wildest expectations.  Coupled with the fact that with every Codfather sold, Rieley and Kim are donating $2 to the Canadian Cancer Society chapter in Red Deer on behalf of Cilantro and Chive.  Chef Jarett chose this cause because Cancer took his Mother and Grandfather.

We are very excited about the future of Cilantro and Chive, as we continue to push forward in creating and inspiring new dishes, sourcing out more local product, and most of all continuing to find people like Chef Jarett who believe so strongly in our core values.

There are only a few short days left to experience “The Codfather” before it’s gone.  Won’t you join us?


Jason Burns

Restaurant Manager

Cilantro and Chive

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