Cilantro and Chive’s first recipients of the “Don & Clare Burns Hospitality Scholarship”


By definition it is “the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers”

If you’re in for a good read, here we go ?

My parents Don & Clare Burns dedicated their lives in service and hospitality. To those in their community, friends, family, and even to strangers they met on the street.

Recently, my parents passed away – but because of how their legacy impacted me in my own hospitality career, the owners of Cilantro and Chive (Rieley and Kim Kay) have started a new annual Memorial Scholarship in my parent’s name for $1500, given to one of our own team members based on their application of Hospitality and Service.

So many on our team applied, and many stood out for what Hospitality meant to them. However when my siblings and I read over the applicants, we couldn’t decide on just one. So our family estate will grant also a second person to receive the Scholarship in it’s inaugural year.

*Bachelor of Arts with a major in Psychology at Red Deer College
(in her words:)
“Once I graduate, I would like to work in a school setting as a councilor for children with mental health problems. Over the years I have become a huge advocate for mental health awareness because our mental health is just as important as our physical health.”
“Hospitality to me means being kind, approachable, friendly, warm hearted and generous to everyone that comes into the place of work. I believe that customers should feel welcome and be treated like friends. Hospitality means going above and beyond the customer expectations.”

*Bachelor of Arts with a major in International Relations at the University of Calgary
(in her words:)
“I was able to experience a part of the world that is suffering and longing for help….I learnt how little many people live with and the happiness they carry in their hearts. Being able to live alongside a new culture and build relationships, even when we could not understand each other’s language was an experience that taught me how to serve with genuine selflessness.”
“Hospitality should be given not just at the first interaction of people I come across, but it should be something I am giving the whole time of the interaction. It is not simply a one-time smile or greeting, but it is in the continuation of my interactions. Hospitality means continuous liberality. Living a life of hospitality means putting others first even when its not being reciprocated as it’s a practice that will leave a lasting impression on others.”

Congratulations to both Janaya & Alyssa as our first recipients of the Don & Clare Burns Memorial Scholarship!


Jason Burns

General Manager

Cilantro and Chive

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