4 years now in Lacombe!

Time flies when you’re having fun and it has never been truer than now. 4 years later and we are having the time of our lives here in Lacombe.

And we owe it all to YOU!!! Your amazing support has allowed us the opportunity to do what we love to do, each and every day alongside some of the best in the biz!

While we walk back down memory lane of transitioning what was a bike store and model train shop into our current home, it wasn’t easy. The decision to leave Ponoka was a hard one and one we did not take lightly. We tip our hat to our early days just up the QE2 as we wouldn’t be where we are today without the opportunity to start there.

Flipping the OPEN sign on back in December 2015, we never imagined we would be here crushing our dreams today. Making lists across the province, Canada, the UK and being named “Best Pub/Restaurant in Alberta” by the Small Brewers Association is something we never thought would be a reality.

Through local initiatives like our Ice Cream Sandwiches, Burger of the Month and many others we have been able to give back over $60,000 to local charities and organizations. And we owe this all to YOU!

We truly couldn’t do what we do without YOU! Your support means the world to us as we continue to strive to be the best we can be each and every day.

We raise a glass and celebrate what has been, and we look towards the future knowing we aren’t done. We will continue to strive to be the best we can be, working alongside the best in the business, looking after THE BEST GUESTS AROUND, HANDS DOWN!
Thank YOU!

Rieley, Kim, William, Brynn & Hannah
along with the entire Cilantro and Chive Crew!



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