February 1st, 2017 – the start of our Burger of the Month program!

Are you ready for the story of our Burger of the Month?
Feel good THROWBACK to February 1st – 2017

Just over 3 years ago, Rieley was invited to read to Mrs. Mac’s Kinders Kindergarten class at Father Lacombe Catholic School. The story that was chosen? Hamburger Heaven ?

The story of Pinky the Pig. Working at a restaurant called Hamburger Heaven. But the customers are growing tired of the same old menu – cheeseburgers – and Pinky might soon lose her job due to a drop in sales. So she *springs* into action, devising a menu in which all the customers can choose any tasty topping for their cheeseburgers!

Mrs. MacIntosh (being awesome as teacher’s are) allowed her students to create their “own” Burgers and gave that compilation to us in a fun illustrated book called “Our Dream Hamburgers”.

But little did they know, Rieley came back to the class a week later and announced ? that we would make our own “Dream Burger” based on the kid’s own drawings! ?

Better yet? They got to choose their own local charity, and the kids chose the Lacombe Food Bank!

Then, it was all up to our amazing community. After a successful month selling our Burger, others from the community stepped in to become local “Guest Chef’s” continuing on the legacy of what that kindergarten kid started. The guest chef choosing their own local charity, and helping collaborate on their Burger of the Month.

The rest now, is history! The single MOST important thing we’ve ever been a part of. Helping us also start other programs – donating $10 to the Lacombe Food Bank with every Lacombe Generals Hockey goal ? and our Ice-Cream Sandwich program that helps give back to different local School initiatives ? as well as other important community driven programs.

Just another reason why teacher’s are so important to our kids and community ❤️ and an incredible example of how much love their is in Central Alberta.

THANK YOU to everyone who’s helped been a part of our Burger of the Month program, and we CAN’T WAIT to see where the next 3 years lead us!

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