Helping to Feed Kids – One Ice Cream Sandwich at a Time!

We are having SO MUCH FUN popping up at local schools and giving back through our new Ice Cream Sandwich Program!  Today it was time to turn over the funds raised from our latest ice cream sandwich creation and stop number two at Ècole James S. McCormick School in Lacombe. 

Back in mid-December a group of Grade 3 JS student leaders helped us scoop up roughly 150 ice cream sandwiches (two in-house baked root beer float cookies and salted caramel ice-cream) to serve to their peers, all in support of the school’s new breakfast program.  We’re thrilled to be kicking back the entire proceeds of that pop-up sale, as well as $1 from every ice cream sandwich sold in the restaurant between December and February.  


Drum roll please……that same group of Grade 3 students were on hand today to receive a cheque for $947!

This is the first year JS McCormick has had a formal breakfast program up and running.  It started off feeding 8-10 kids every school morning and has quickly grown to see over 60 children popping in to curb hunger pains, getting them ready to learn.  Assistant Principal Craig Fullarton says “many students come to school hungry simply because their morning was too busy to eat. We have students who ride the bus for an hour so although they might have eaten before they left, they may still arrive to school hungry. Our program targets anyone who needs something in their belly because realistically, if they are hungry, learning is not going to be a priority for them that day”.

We all know food is expensive and the program is relying heavily on donations to purchase the cereal, yogurt, fruit, bread, butter and jam, and cheese, currently on offer every morning. 

A BIG thank-you to the amazing group of Grade 3 students who worked alongside our team, to all parents who helped their kids purchase an ice cream sandwich treat at school and to everyone who made the trip into the restaurant to help support this program.

We’re on the road again one week from today, this time scooping at Terrace Ridge School, see you there!


For more information contact:


Kim Kay

Community Relations

Cilantro and Chive



Craig Fullarton

Assistant Principal 

Ècole James S. McCormick School


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