Another Pop-Up of Ice Cream Sandwich goodness!

There is nothing better than seeing kids jump in, take to task and LOVE every minute of it at our Ice Cream Sandwich Pop-up Sales! Every 3 months we’re at a new school as part of our new Ice Cream Sandwich Program, our latest stop, stop number 3 landed us at Terrace Ridge in Lacombe!

Under the program we kick back full proceeds from the pop-up sale ($4/sandwich) as well as $1 from every ice cream sandwich sold in the restaurant over the 3-month period to the school.

Grade 6 students at Terrace Ridge were ALL IN, helping our team scoop up and serve 173 ice cream sandwiches! Our latest creation is a play on black forest cake; 2 maraschino cherry cookies with Dutch chocolate ice cream and sprinkles!

Terrace Ridge will be using the proceeds from the ice cream sandwich sales to help replace and supplement Physical Education Supplies and Resources. Schools do receive funding for basic gym supplies like dodge balls, volleyballs, basketballs, nets, hula hoops, bean bags, badminton rackets and more but maintaining those items each year is costly. The school needs to ensure they always have enough equipment for 30-50 students to participate at a time and with over 400 students at the school that equipment is well used! School Principal Deborah Van Delden says they are also eager to expose students to as many new and exciting opportunities as possible and they currently have a wish list of Physical Education supplies they would LOVE to purchase. That list includes indoor floor curling, don’t walk in the hallway decals, Gaga Ball, and 9 square in the air.

A BIG thank-you to the amazing group of Grade 6 students who worked alongside our team, and to all parents who helped their kids purchase an ice cream sandwich treat at school!

For more information contact:

Kim Kay

Community Relations

Cilantro and Chive



Deborah Van Delden


Terrace Ridge School

403.782.0050 ext 4190


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