Just incredible.

In a month where everyone’s worlds were flipped outside down, support for our beloved Burger of the Month Program was AMAZING, affirming we truly have the BEST guest’s hands down!

Local guest chef Brenda Sargeant helped provide the creative juices for the “Date Night” burger!

$2 from every burger sold in March went directly to Brenda’s charity of choice the Women’s Program at Turning Point.

Now more than ever we need to continue to support those programs that support the at risk and vulnerable in our community, and programs like the Women’s Program which help women facing significant struggles set and achieve their goals. We’re better together!

Brenda was thrilled to turn over a cheque for $880 today, dollars Turning Point will use directly to support very vulnerable women and often their children in our community.

Thanks to the incredible community support we see for our Burger of the Month program month after month, we’ve had the opportunity to give back over $60,000 to local charities over the past 38 months!


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