We will not re-open for dining on May 14th

COVID-19 has proven to be the biggest challenge many of us will face in our lifetime. It is our defining moment.

The changes we make, and how we come out on the other side is in our hands. With relaxations coming down, we are incredibly excited about returning to a new sense of normal. However we also want to ensure the health and safety of our guests, our team and our family. With this in mind we will open our doors when the time is right.

WE WILL NOT BE OPENING OUR DOORS TO DINE IN GUESTS ON THURSDAY MAY 14th, but will continue to serve you for Curbside Pick-up and Delivery.

When the time is right we will let you know through all of our social media channels. We greatly appreciate all of your support, enthusiasm and genuine appreciation. You have taken an incredibly tough situation and made the most of it. Thank YOU! We couldn’t do this without YOU!


Rieley, Kim, William, Brynn, Hannah and the entire Cilantro and Chive Team


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