Two AMAZING young women helping support Smiles Thru Lindsey Foundation

BEHOLD ? our Red Deer May Burger of the Month!

“??? ??? ?????!” ??

Created in collaboration with local Guest Chefs Allyne Simonot + Lily Forsyth

With marinated chicken breast, bacon, sunny fried egg, arugula, tomato, balsamic glaze and lime avocado aioli on a brioche bun!

$2 from every BIG SMILE burger sold going directly to the Smiles Thru Lindsey Foundation ?

Allyne and Lily are both students of Notre Dame High School in Red Deer, and part of the Notre Dame Grad Service Project! This year, the Smiles Thru Lindsey Foundation was chosen for the project by the graduating students.

Allyne Simonot :
“The Notre Dame class of 2021 agreed that in light of the many events, or lack thereof, that mental health should be a priority now more than ever. Thus we chose the charity – Smiles through Lindsey. We all know first hand the toll taken to our lifestyle nonetheless life as we knew, and a lack of the necessary supports to weather these challenges would be catastrophic. Lindsey More was, like us, a Notre Dame graduate. After she tragically took her life in 2015, her family began Smiles Thru Lindsey. She was a regular happy girl, nothing seemingly wrong. She was involved in the school community through sports and the grad service project of 2011. We knew that our school community would connect to her and her story as easily as it has.”

Lily Forsyth :
“This cause is actually very personal for me, it is another way for me to support my friends who are struggling, a way to communicate to every person who is willing to listen that they are not alone. That everyone is feeling or has felt a toll on their mental health and that there are resources and people out there to help.”

So this month, let’s start spreading more SMILES ☺ and happiness, and giving to such an important organization!


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