Giving back to the Kidney Foundation with our Burger of the Month!

When you have a tradition of #CaeserSundayFamilyFunDay and want to use it as inspiration to create a burger to give back, we’re ALL IN!  Our August Burger of the Month Guest Chef in Red Deer Rene Rondeau has already used his Caesar making skills to give back to the Kidney Foundation, but he was ready to amp those efforts up by helping to create “The Dirty Caesar Burger”.

It included two Alberta Beef Smash patties, white cheddar, sliced genoa salami, house-made teriyaki BBQ sauce and a (dirty) Caesar aioli, with fresh arugula, sliced tomato, fresh sliced onion, garnished with a pickle spear on a garlic buttered brioche bun.  $2 from every Burger sold is going directly to Rene’s charity of choice The Kidney Foundation Northern Alberta & The Territories.

The Kidney Foundation hits close to home for Rene and his family, they have walked beside family friends with children impacted by the disease and have been doing their part to support them by participating in the 100 km Kidney Foundation March as well as local walks for several years.  “We have seen the effects that kidney diseases have taken on the kids and families we know, one battles cystinosis and the other family has siblings who deal with genetic polycystic kidney disease.  These kids and families have seen it all, from daily treatments of medication, numerous hospital visits outside of Red Deer, to ongoing health conditions that impact their day to day lives.  What’s amazing with these kids and their families, no matter what they are dealing with, they keep pushing through the pain and fatigue that comes with battling a sickness.  Strongest kids I know that is for sure.”

Maureen Wade with the Northern Alberta & The Territories Branch of The Kidney Foundation says donations like this one support individuals throughout their kidney and transplant journey.  “Our programs ensure patients have transportation access to attend lifesaving dialysis and medical appointments, to access sufficient and nutritious food that meet strict diets, to pay for prescribed medications, and an array of needs specific to each client. We also offer free Kidney Camp experience to children, provide hands-on peer support, educational resources, and more.”  She also notes the last two years have been extremely difficult for both kidney and transplant patients in Alberta due to the COVID-19 pandemic, increasing the reliance on The Kidney Foundation to help meet both basic and critical needs.


Because of your support of our beloved Burger of the Month Program Rene helped us hand over $1346 to The Kidney Foundation today (Tuesday, September 6th).  Thanks to the amazing support we see from our guest’s month after month, we have had the opportunity to give back over $110,000 to local charities over the past 67 months!  THANK-YOU!


The September Burger of the Month in Red Deer is “Chicken Shawarma” created in collaboration with local guest chef, 11-year-old Azaylia Dietz!  It includes a garlic buttered brioche bun, marinated chicken thigh, house-made tzatziki, red onion, olives, diced jalapeno, tomato slice, green peppers, feta cheese, lettuce, garnished with a double olive skewer!  $2 of every burger sold goes directly to Azaylia’s charity of choice – Old MacDonald Kennels & Animal Services.


For more information contact:

Maureen Wade

The Kidney Foundation

Northern Alberta




Rene Rondeau

August BOTM Guest Chef

403.346.0180 ext. 5


Kim Kay

Cilantro and Chive



From L-R: August BOTM Guest Chef Red Deer Rene Rondeau, Cilantro and Chive Assistant General Manager Danika Foesier, and The Kidney Foundation Northern Alberta & The Territories Branch Community Development Coordinator Maureen Wade.



Local Guest Chef Rene Rondeau provided the inspiration for the August BOTM in Red Deer “The Dirty Caesar Burger”It included two

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