“Pawsitively” awesome day giving back to Old MacDonald Kennels!

When you meet young people like 11-year-old Azaylia Dietz, you know we’re in great hands!  This young Guest Chef has a BIG heart and a love of animals.  She was excited to help create a burger in hopes of helping all pets find loving homes.

Azaylia served as September Guest Chef at our Red Deer location, providing the creative juices for the “Chicken Shawarma” Burger.  It included a garlic buttered brioche bun, marinated chicken thigh, house-made tzatziki, red onion, olives, diced jalapeno, tomato slice, green peppers, feta cheese, lettuce, garnished with a double olive skewer!  $2 of every burger sold went directly to Azaylia’s charity of choice – Old MacDonald Kennels & Animal Services!

Old MacDonald Kennels is a safe place for stray and unwanted dogs.  They created a fun and safe environment for pet boarding dogs, and they use funds generated from boarding clients to help them operate a NO Kill Animal Shelter.  The shelter uses donations in a variety of ways, often towards veterinary expenses as many animals arrive requiring immediate veterinary attention.

Azaylia chose to dedicate her Burger of the Month funds to Old MacDonald Kennels after experiencing pet adoption firsthand “I chose OMK as my charity because we adopted one of our Great Danes from there 2 years ago. She was very scared of all people including us, but now she loves us & has turned into such an amazing dog! Their kennel is full of animals that need adopting & I want every pet to get the chance to have a loving family”.

Thanks to your support of our beloved Burger of the Month Program Azaylia helped us hand over $1232 to Old MacDonald Kennels today (Saturday, October 1st).  Thanks to the amazing support we see from our guest’s month after month, we have had the opportunity to give back over $110,000 to local charities over the past 68 months!  THANK-YOU!

The October Burger of the Month in Red Deer is “Corky’s Buffalo Burger” created in collaboration with local Guest Chef, Corky Larsen Jonasson!  It includes bison, smoked cheddar cheese, arugula, beefsteak tomato, onion, truffle aioli and an olive tapenade on a house-made bannock bun with a skewered grape tomato!!  $2 of every burger sold goes directly to Corky’s charity of choice Red Feather Women.


For more information contact:


Brandi Thompson

Old MacDonald Kennels




Azaylia Dietz

Heidi Dietz (Mom)

Sept BOTM Guest Chef




Kim Kay

Cilantro and Chive




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